My soap carvings

Welcome to Thai Soap carving

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This site is a show case of art works by Thai artist Aw,  All of the works shown here are original designs and created by the artist.

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37 Responses to My soap carvings

  1. Nuengruethai says:

    very nice !!! how long did you spend for this nice bird of paradise?

    • manustawee says:

      Hey Thanks for the compliment. Yes the bird of paradise is very special design.
      I took about one week to complete it.
      Please subscribe and check new photos soon!

  2. Mr John says:

    these are fantastic creations……. showing some amazing skills, well done 🙂

  3. Daniel says:

    Yep, i agree.. that paradise bird is amazing.. i had no idea u are so good, lol
    Good luck with ur website, Aw!

  4. BB says:

    sawasdee ka p’aw…

    They all are Nice ka i like them…and your idea.You done good job ka.
    and i want to order some gift for my friend’s wedding maybe 😉
    talk with you about it later na ka.

    congratulation with new website !!

    • manustawee says:

      Thank you ka nong B , like this is look better? hehe I like also , well if you like to order some gift I will give you good price don’t worry because you are my lovely sis 😉

      rak na joop joop


  5. Khun T. says:

    Hello, Khun Aw,
    Congratulations on your new site. It looks really good and shows your great talent.
    Can I ask you who to contact if I wanted a site created for my business?
    I’ll subscribe for further updates.
    Best wishes

  6. bobo says:

    wow, congratulations from germany for this amazing art, really unique style, I have seen some before but never as beautiful like yours, wonderful! thanks for making the world a better place – orders will come soon!

  7. manustawee says:

    Thank you for your visiting and thank you for nice compliment ,

    wait for my good news 😉


  8. Kris says:

    These are fantastic. I’m impressed by your skill!

  9. francesco rossini says:

    Congratulation on your creations…….very very nice!!!

  10. Damien says:

    Great work, one time again, Aw, I m totally amazed by your art….Since your Doraemon cookies, you never stop to surprise me :p The couple swan and the bird of paradise are simply fantastic….WOW ! (^.^)

  11. pajot says:

    Hello AW

    very beautyfull soaps, really

    it s a good idea for christmas ;))


  12. Gocarving says:

    Amazing creations! Keep it up like this!

  13. m says:

    สวยงามมากเลยค่ะ 🙂

  14. mark says:

    yes, some very fine quality art work indeed
    which i am sure requires a good eye and patience.

  15. Paul says:

    Hello Aw…Your art is beautiful. I like all your pieces, and your Bird of Paradise is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, Paul.

  16. Harley says:


  17. roberto says:

    hi,I am artist man ,engineer and academic arts painting,I like your pics and work,but much traditional…no new wind .
    Sorry for me english very poor,I am italian.
    where you live?

  18. Kitti says:

    Hi, I love the couple swan carving you made, I wonder if you do them for sale? If so, how much do you charge?

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